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            Connecting moms and growing players

            If you love your hockey loving child, this is the place for you. Welcome to the most engaged and engaging community of Hockey Moms in the world!

            Amazing Recipes

            We are always on the run. How do you keep your sanity while keeping your child fed? Find recipes here, for Hockey Families by Hockey Families.

            the BEST Playlists

            Spotify or Apple music: we've got the ultimate hockey playlist for you!

            OVER A DECADE

            connecting & supporting


            Your host (Theresa)

            Theresa Bailey is a hockey mom of three. But she didn’t start out knowing how to be one; she had to learn the hard way. She is now sharing her knowledge with other hockey moms, and that is how was born.

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            Caught in the complexity of team politics; this hockey mom founded a community to help others.

            Everything a Hockey Mom needs to know and more

            The blog 

            The Ultimate Tournament list

            There are countless tournaments occuring across Canada every single day. Which are the best for your child's team? Click below to find out.

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            Getting started: 

            Equipment fitting

            Properly fitted equipment is essential in ensuring that your child can perform at their best, and look good doing it. Click below for tips and tricks

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